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Pump Remanufacturing- Rotary Vane Pump Rebuild 

RotaADVACO logo.gif (4523 bytes)ry Vane Vacuum Pumps
  • Alcatel all models - standard, chemical and corrosive:Alcatel 2002, Alcatel 2004, Alcatel 2005, Alcatel 2008, Alcatel 2010, Alcatel 2012, Alcatel 2015, Alcatel 2020,Alcatel 2021, Alcatel 2033, Alcatel 2063, Alcatel 2100
  • Busch 0025, Busch 0040, Busch 0063, Busch 0100, Busch 0160, Busch 0250
  • Edwards E2M1, Edwards E2M1.5, Edwards E2M2,Edwards E2M5, EdwardsE2M8,Edwards E2M12,Edwards E2M18, EdwardsE2M30,Edwards E2M40,Edwards E2M80,Edwards E2M175,Edwards E2M275, Edwards RV3,Edwards RV5, Edwards RV8,Edwards RV12
  • Leybold all models - standard, chemical and corrosive: Leybold D2A, Leybold D4A, Leybold D8A,Leybold D16A, Leybold D30A, Leybold D60A,Leybold  D90A,Leybold D1.6B, Leybold D4B,Leybold  D8B, Leybold D16B, Leybold D25B,Leybold D40B, Leybold D65B, Sogevac SV-40, Sogevac  SV-65, Sogevac SV-100, Sogevac  SV-180, Sogevac  SV-200,Sogevac SV-280,Sogevac SV-300, Sogevac SV630, Sogevac  SV1200
  • Precision Scientific DD-40, DD-90, DD-195, DD-310
  • Stokes 05-2, Stokes 09-2, Stokes 17-2, Stokes 23-2
  • Varian SD-40, Varian SD-90, Varian SD-200, Varian SD-300, Varian SD-450, Varian SD-700, Varian SD-1400
  • HyVac 2, 7, 14, 28, 45
  • Precision Scientific D-25, D-75, D-150, PV-35, S-35
  • Welch 1373,  Welch 1374, Welch 1375, Welch 1380, Welch 1396,  Welch 1397, Welch 1398, Welch 1399, Welch 1400, Welch 1402, Welch 1405, Welch 1410

Call us at 770-479-7138 if you don't see your model here.

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Rotary-Service[1].jpg (18546 bytes)

Replacement of all seals, bearings, gaskets, sight glasses, vanes, valves, springs, pins and o-rings. If required; remanufacture of Plates, Rotors, Shafts, and Stators
Each vacuum pump is fully disassembled and evaluated to determine steps needed to remanufacture the pump. The evaluation is "no cost" to the customer.

A detailed quotation indicating the action needed is presented to the customer for review. All consumable parts such as gaskets, o-rings, valves, seals, and springs are quoted for the replacement. Motors are bench tested for proper operation.

Once the customer has approved the work to be completed the pump is remanufactured by ADVACO technicians.

Each assembly, each vacuum pump is rigorously tested for operating temperature, vibration, poise, motor amperage, pumping speed, gas flow and ultimate vacuum. Each pump is tested and monitored by computerized test equipment and verified against OEM standards.

The pump is returned to the customer with a full 12 months warranty against defects from time of installation.

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