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Hydrogen Leak Detector-Leak Detection Technology  

Hydrogen Leak Detector  
TLD.500 Loktracer


TLD.500 & TLD.1000 Hydrogen Leak Detector
Designed for Maintenance and Field Service
Re-Chargable Battery Powered up to 12 Hour Life
Low Cost- Starting at less than $1000 USD
Great For Locating Leaks in a Production Application
Lightweight Design (less than a pound)
Sensitivity near 10 ppm
TLD.1000 provides a ppm Quantitative Display
TLD.500 Has Two Progressive Light Display
TLD.500 & TLD.1000 Hydrogen Leak Detector

TLD.500 & TLD.1000 Product Information   

TLD.500 Manual     

TLD.1000 Manual   

Underground Transmission Lines

Hydrogen Leak Detection ApplicationUnderground water and transmission lines leaks can be hard to find and costly since lines can be in slabs, under pavement and other expensive structures. Hydrogen Leak Detectors such as the TLD.500 can be used effectively to locate the leak location within a three foot circle even under asphalt or concrete. The Hydro-Lok is also good for finding leaks in swimming pool installations. The Hydro-Lok system includes the hydrogen regulator, probe stand, TLD.500 & hose and is priced at $1,499.

Underground Line Hydro-Lok System

Refrigeration Systems in Supermarkets and Big Box Stores

Supermarket Leak DetectionLeak Checking efforts in refrigeration systems in supermarket and other big box stores having refrigeration systems is important not only because of cost issues but enviromental ones. The average food retail store location loses 25% of the refrigerant in their systems per year(approx. 1000 lbs). By leak checking the systems, this can be significantly reduced. The TLD.500 can find small leaks and be cost effective for smaller contractors.

Leak Checking Retail Food Chiller/Freezer Installations

Q. Why use 5% hydrogren as the tracer gas in my system?

A. Hydrogen tracer gas is really 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen. This is a green label non-combustible gas that can never become unmixed and be flammable in any way. Current hydrogen leak detection technology has improved such that small leaks can be found using this low concentration of hydrogen tracer gas. This 5% hydrogen mixture can replace helium leak detection applications as the hydrogen mix is much less expensive and not on any type of allocation as helium is experiencing.

Applications that are suitable for the hydrogen leak detector

Manufacturing Applications Leak Checking of:

HVAC Systems
Refrigeration Valves
Heat Transfer Systems
Vacuum Vessels
Supermarket Cold Displays
And any other application where the system can be pressurized and leak checked using a probe

Other Field Applications

Underground Water Lines
Underground Transmission Lines
Aboveground Gas Lines and Underground Gas Lines
Aboveground Gas Storage Tanks
Refrigeration Systems in Supermarkets and other Retail Stores with Refrigeration Systems
Swimming Pool Leaks


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